Image of Pomegranate trees in family garden.

Image of Pomegranate trees in family garden.

Artist Statement

Photos by Joy Khammar.



 Once you have furniture – you’re no longer nomadic.  I imagine that my objects relate to the home. Human beings only buy furniture when they have found and approved of a place they want to live in and call home.  Tables, chairs and beds are all heavy objects that symbolize not only function, but also the need to physically connect to a place.

  When I'm making a table out of clay, there’s a tension between the process of building the legs and the tabletop.  Both components can grow in two different directions and be separate sculptural objects but choose to stay together.   The method of building is fluid, allowing the material to influence and engage in perhaps a new identity: a table is given the freedom to be a musical instrument.


“What prevents me from supposing that this table either vanishes or alters its shape when no one is observing it and then when someone looks at it again changes back?”

Ludwig Wittgenstein